Prevention | Treatment | Recovery

Bright Futures is comprised of the Barbour Community Medical Association (BCMA), Barbour County Health Department (BCHD), the West Virginia University (WVU) School of Public Health, New Vision Renewable Energy (New Vision), Barbour County Family Resource Network (FRN), the Barbour County Board of Education (BOE) and Celebrate Recovery. It is Bright Futures’ goal to help its community prevent drug use that leads to addiction, find treatment for those who need it and help them enter recovery. For assistance or more information, call us at (phone number).


Stopping substance misuse problems before they start is always the best solution. It is cheaper, wiser and more compassionate to prevent bad behavior than it is to correct it. No matter how you say it, primary prevention offers the best return on investment and is the key to Bright Futures.


The Bright Futures consortium’s lead organization, the Barbour Community Medical Association (BCMA) offers outpatient therapy, family therapy, child/adolescent therapy, psychological assessments/evaluations, parental fitness examinations, drug and alcohol risk assessments and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.


Health, home, purpose and community are all aspects that an individuals needs to lead a fulfilling life. This Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) is the primary methodology Bright Futures employs to help its community to get back on track.